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Volunteerism at Placer Dispute Resolution

Our Volunteers

Placer Dispute Resolution relies on volunteer mediators. Our mediators support Civil Harassment, Unlawful Detainer, and Small Claims matters for the Placer County Superior Court as well as community mediation. Each of our volunteers has completed rigorous training in mediation skills, and then worked with close supervision to hone and develop their skills. Volunteers are drawn from the local community and represent a wide array of cultural, education, and professional backgrounds.

Volunteering for Placer Dispute Resolution

We are a volunteer-based organization. We are committed to offering high quality conflict resolution services, and promoting the use of conflict resolution processes throughout Placer County. We seek volunteers who are committed to enhancing their own skills as mediators, and also to giving back to their community. All our volunteers are required to take our Introductory Mediation Training (or its equivalent) prior to applying for a volunteer position.

Requirements for Volunteers

Each of our volunteers has completed an introductory mediation skills course - typically provided by Placer Dispute Resolution, however we will accept volunteers who have completed equivalent training provided by a California peer organization. Prospective volunteers will observe a number of mediations until we feel they are ready to participate in co-mediations. Only after we have observed that a prospective volunteer can demonstrate the skill and integrity that we demand will they be invited to become a Placer Dispute Resolution volunteer mediator. Prospective volunteers come from varied backgrounds including, but not limited to: judges, attorneys, therapists and business people.

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