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What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process of assisted negotiation that helps people in conflict build a mutually agreeable and sustainable resolution. The mediator is an impartial facilitator that creates a safe space for sharing perspectives, clarifying the problem and collaborating on a solution. The mediator does not provide the answers, they instead ask questions that empower parties to come up with their own answers. Mediation is voluntary, confidential, and low-risk.

Why mediate:

  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes: When solutions have been agreed to and not imposed by a judge or arbitrator, the parties have higher satisfaction and are much more likely to comply with agreements.

  • Custom, comprehensive and achievable agreements: Mediated settlements can address more than the legal issues and ensure that the settlement is achievable and sustainable.

  • Self-determination: Parties who negotiate their own settlements have more control over the outcome as they are empowered by this voluntary process.

  • Fits your schedule: Mediation is flexibly scheduled and can produce an agreement much more rapidly than litigation.

  • Low-stress: Mediation is an informal and confidential process that reduces anxiety and embarrassment.

  • Relationship management: Many conflicts involve a relationship that will continue into the future in some form. A mediated settlement that addresses all parties’ interests helps to preserve and, in some cases, strengthen the relationship.

Types of disputes we can help with

Community Mediation

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Family Relationships

  • Neighbor Disputes

Business and NonProfit

  • Supervisor/supervisee

  • Co-worker

  • Contracts

  • Partnership

  • Merchant/consumer

  • Real Estate

Through Placer Courts

  • Small Claims

  • Civil Harassment

  • Unlawful Detainer

Testimonials from anonymous mediation participants

"Our mediator was excellent at grasping our issues, being warm but impartial and helping us find common ground."
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